Team Training

Gain a competitive edge on the competition with team training! Train to prevent injuries, increase performance and improve team speed the correct way while increasing team unity.
We will train the team as well as the coaches! Your coaches will be able to learn our warm up, speed, and strength methods.  We will help you design a plan to incorporate these techniques into your practices and pre-game activities!

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Coaching Clinics

If your organization is looking to provide professional development for your coaches SportXcel can help. Our Coaching Clinics can be customized to fit the needs of your coaches and organization. Ideas for Coaching Clinics include but are not limited to: designing dynamic warm-ups, injury prevention exercises, sport specific SAQ drills, game day nutrition, basic first aid and athletic taping techniques.

In-Season Maintenance

After working with your team during the off-season, we will provide coaches with input on what the team can benefit from incorporating into their in-season practices. We can help coaches design dynamic warm-up, injury prevention exercises and SAQ drills. All athletes will have the opportunity to join SportXcel performance sessions during the season to continue their personal progression.

Click to learn more about our injury prevention and recovery program. Your team will never perform to it’s potential if your athletes are not recovery properly or are injured.