Four Fall Fitness Tips

September, October, November and December may be the most important months of the year when it comes to staying active and eating healthy. These months are the gap between summer when most people are at their most active levels of the year and winter when most people do much less activity. Many people train hard in the spring to get their “summer body” and others wait until January to start their fitness journey only to quit a few short weeks or months later. This type of crash fitness combined with crash dieting doesn’t lead you to long-term health, happiness or results. If you want to experience real results that will last and ultimately change your life, it’s going to take more than a few weeks or few months. You must be consistent in your approach to fitness and nutrition and be willing to put in the time. To avoid “falling of the fitness wagon” I have included four fall fitness tips to help you stay motivated as the seasons change and the days become shorter.
1. Workout with other people in a group setting- Many people site the social aspects of their workouts as one of the top reasons they enjoy working out. If you join a group, you’re less likely to skip workouts because you know there are a group and coach waiting for you at the gym. At SportXcel we have different group sizes ranging from 2-4 people up to 10-15 people. Click here for more information about our adult programs.
2. Sign up for a fall or winter race- There are no shortage of endurance events in Colorado. On any given weekend there are dozens of races going on throughout the metro area. Some of the more popular races in the fall include: Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k and 5k, HRCA Wilderness Backcountry Half Marathon, Colorado Runner Events Winter Distance Series. By signing up for an event, you’re giving yourself a time based goal for the fall months. Races and events like these are very rewarding because the event acts as a celebration of your success once you cross the finish line.
3. Get outside- The weather, colors, and wildlife that can be seen in Colorado during these months are things that you don’t want to miss. We’re fortunate to have some awesome trails very close to town that are suitable for all fitness levels. Whether you’re the kind that wants to trail run or hike, there are trails that will allow you to enjoy all that fall offers the people that call Colorado home. Check out these day hikes!
4. Eat local produce- They say we are what we eat and unfortunately many people eat too much processed food that lacks the proper nutrients we need to be healthy. We have some great farmers markets in Colorado and the fall harvest provides ample options for both fruits and vegetables. Farmers markets are a great place to spend a weekend morning in the fall. Check out some of Denver’s top farmers here!fallcolors

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