What is SportXcel?

Welcome to a whole new twist on Health Clubs, Gyms and Fitness Training; Welcome to SportXcel!
Combining the sports performance training features of the pros with the range and variety of training you’d enjoy at a Health club, SportXcel provides research-based fitness training programs for athletes of all ages and abilities!
SportXcel is a new approach to sports performance enhancement and fitness training for athletes and individuals of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re a young athlete working to make the team or aiming for a scholarship, or you’re an adult looking to recapture stamina and strength from years ago, our mission at SportXcel is to help you achieve your best. Afterall, at the end of the day, it’s about results.

What sets SportXcel apart from the competition?

Three things:
Our Programs- SportXcel implements the research-based Optimum Performance Training (OPT) methods of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). These new methods have proven effectiveness and are already in use by many professional and collegiate sports teams. Our staff work closely with NASM and the University of North Carolina’s Research Institute to provide the most up to date, research-based performance enhancement and injury prevention programming, and bring it to you. Our programs are offered for every performance level, from beginning to professional athletes, and at all developmental stages from our youngest “Rookie” athletes to our most senior, adult athletes. And because the SportXcel Method is based in the science of exercise physiology and physics, it is effective at any and every level of performance…the science doesn’t change.
Our Team- Every SportXcel performance coach has obtained the highest level of certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and in addition, has achieved the SportXcel Fitness Certification. But more than that, SportXcel’s professional coaching team includes current and former performance coaches of professional sports teams and professional athletes, as well as top youth, high school, and collegiate athletes. Our coaching team has worked with top athletes from every major sport including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, volleyball, track and field, and more. Equally important though, our professional coaching team has experience working with individuals of all ages and abilities. Our team includes a recent Head Strength and Conditioning coach for professional basketball, a doctorate level on-site Physical Therapist, and our founder is a doubly board-certified physician.
Our Facility- At SportXcel, you are trained on the same equipment used by top professional and collegiate sports teams. The layout and size of the facility are designed to provide the most functional programming and accessibility, all under direct observation, oversight, and engagement of our professional coaching staff.

What makes SportXcel Youth Performance Training the best anywhere?
Youth Performance Training is a fast growing industry, but the reason most training programs fail to achieve their objectives and your expectations is that they fail in at least one of the three “Critical Success Factors”:
 Focus on Results. Many programs are great at keeping young athletes engaged and active for an hour at a time, which is a feat in itself, but they don’t get to the ultimate goal: results. At SportXcel, specific goals track to each of the programmatic elements to ensure that young athletes cut seconds off their time, gain speed and accuracy in their throwing, and gain height and distance in their jumps. In short, we help our athletes beat their peers. Results.
Professional Coaching Staff. How many times have you seen young athletes “under coached” or just plain bored?? At SportXcel, we use an intensive coaching ratio of at least 1 coach for every 8 athletes. What’s more, every Youth Performance Coach is experienced in the engagement and motivational techniques that are critical to developing young athletes. Many programs make the mistake of simply copying the program offered in a collegiate or professional sports team program, without recognizing that younger athletes respond to different strategies. At SportXcel, we tailor our programs to be intensely competitive and fun.
Focus on Safety and Injury Prevention. Nothing is more damaging, demoralizing or disruptive to progress than an injury that sidelines a promising young athlete. This is where SportXcel is head and shoulders above the rest.
At SportXcel, the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) method developed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine works at the level of functional movement, rather than a singular sport movement. Here’s the difference: most youth training programs train for a singular sport and singular sport movements. They follow the same pattern… improved performance, then injury or strain, then a period of rehabilitation or surgery (sidelined) until the performance training can begin again. Most people refer to that as “two steps forward, one step back”. At SportXcel, we train at the level of functional movement to optimize joint stability and maintain the balance of opposing muscle groups that is so critical to developing athletes. The result is fewer injuries, more consistent patterns of sustained improvement, momentum and progress.

I heard it’s better to train for a single sport, rather than for general athletic skills…is that true?
Great question. The answer is Yes, and No, and more No than you would guess. And this is what makes SportXcel training better than all the rest. Here’s why: “Traditional” sports performance programs train developing athletes using single-plane strength exercises (think about how many times you’ve seen the bench press as the foundation of strength training programs). True, those exercises do build strength in specific muscles groups, BUT it is critical to also train all the associated ancillary muscles to improve in functional movements (the movements that actually comprise sports moves).
Our performance team often says, “Why would you put a Ferrari engine in a car with faulty brakes or tires?” What we mean of course is, if you build muscle groups that provide strength and power, your body must have the stabilization, core strength, and postural control to take full advantage of these gains! Most sport-specific training programs overlook this very important fact! This is seen in throwing, swinging, kicking, running, blocking and jumping just to name a few sport-specific movements. At SportXcel, our integrated training program features Core training, Stabilization training, Functional strength training, SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness) training and Flexibility training, all for a more balanced development.
Injury prevention. But there’s much more to functional movement pattern training than merely taking full advantage of strong muscles. Research has shown that continuous strength training certain muscles groups without strengthening the opposing muscle groups and ancillary muscles will lead to anatomical imbalances. When one muscle group is tight and/or another group is weak, this will create an altered joint alignment. If your imbalanced muscles are impairing optimum joint function, this will ultimately lead to injury! SportXcel trains athletes in functional movement patterns seen in every sport!
Elite-level athletes who develop and maintain proper muscle balance throughout functional movement training will be in a position to work on sport-specific or technical aspects of their sport. This is why SportXcel has put together a professional sports performance coaching team that has worked with top athletes to take advantage of their strong foundations.

I’m interested in the Adult Fitness Training. How is SportXcel different from any other fitness club?

Colorado enjoys many fitness options with an impressive list of amenities. At SportXcel, we offer three principle advantages:
Our Program. In most facilities, you have limited options – you can join a class of 24 other adults and hope that you catch on to the jazzy dance steps; you can wander around the floor of equipment hoping you see something you recognize and know how to use; or for a substantial additional cost, you can engage a personal trainer of variable certification and experience who will act as your companion, providing perhaps more talk therapy than a real physical workout.
At SportXcel, your program is researched and proven through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and is delivered in a sport-based, competitive, and fun, team atmosphere. Groups are organized by performance level, and not artificially segmented by gender and age. That way, if you’re in your 5th decade, but perform as well as many in their 30’s, you’re training together. And why not?? This makes every session, fun, exciting and challenging. Afterall, how much fun is it when you can beat someone 20 years younger than you (and how motivating, to avoid being beaten by someone 20 years older)??
Our professional coaching team. SportXcel takes pride in offering only the most qualified and experienced professional coaching team, each coach having achieved the highest level of certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the unique SportXcel Fitness Certification. At SportXcel, you never have to worry about whether you’re placing your health and fitness goals in the hands of someone you can truly trust. It’s guaranteed.
Our Facility. SportXcel provides an opportunity to train on top quality turf and five-lane straight-away track that will reduce the pounding that your joints take at other facilities with lower quality surfaces. Where else will you train in the same facility as world-class athletes, taking advantage of top professional performance coaches and have an exciting time doing it? Only at SportXcel!!

What types of strength exercises will I do?
SportXcel’s research-based programs will introduce all types of strength exercises during their performance classes including core strength, neuromuscular stabilization, plyometrics, speed, agility, quickness, and power as well as many “traditional” strength exercises. Our programs are designed to improve overall functional strength development. Programs will have exercises that are multi-planar (front, side, rotational), multi-dimensional (up, down), proprioceptively enriched (balancing on stable and unstable surfaces) and will be progressive based on each client’s skill level. This approach to functional strength gains has repeatedly shown results in clients of all age groups and abilities. You will leave SportXcel knowing that you have benefitted from the same programs that professional coaches have used to develop world-class athletes!

What is the difference between speed, agility, and quickness?

Athletic movement patterns can be broken down into three components…Speed, Agility, and Quickness. We define Speed as straight ahead speed, the ability to get from point A to point B in the fastest time possible. Agility is defined as the ability to decelerate, stabilize, accelerate and change direction without the loss of proper posture, speed, strength, balance or body control. Quickness can also be called reaction time. It is the ability to react to visual, auditory and kinesthetic feedback without hesitation and have the maximum rate of force production in all planes of motion during functional movements. Whether your goal is to develop into a world-class athlete or just improve in everyday activities, SportXcel will provide you with the most effective drills to improve in all three areas!

I thought that individual training is always the best option. Why is SportXcel’s emphasis on group training rather than individual training?

Athletic Performance Training in a Small Group Setting has several key advantages:
1. For Elite Athletes, studies show that training in a group setting is associated with enhanced team unity and increased competitive drive. Professional teams train their athletes in small groups to pace one another, and in team sports, to build team unity. The critical skills of listening, observing and reacting are more rapidly developed in a small group setting. At SportXcel, the high intensity coaching ratio provides the optimal balance of group training benefits with management of individual progress. In addition, SportXcel offers an elite level individual comprehensive consultation for developing athletes to assess progress, momentum, and recalibrate programmatic goals.
2. Among Youth Athletes, small group training creates and fosters leadership skills as well as the ability to process instructions and feedback in a setting of competing inputs (just as in sports/life situations). At SportXcel, we work together to accomplish your goals through positive reinforcement and encouragement from coaches, peers and teammates.
3. In addition, studies show that among Adults, that same support structure holds group members accountable for making scheduled workouts, improves attendance and delivers better results than individual training. The group setting adds fun and excitement to each workout. It is an unbelievable feeling to make individual gains while you have the rest of the group pulling you toward your goals!
Keep in mind that individual training is also available and may be a better option for clients who have a more targeted set of goals in mind. Speak to your coach about these options.

Can entire teams sign up for SportXcel performance training?

Yes! We encourage bringing in your whole team to train with one or more SportXcel performance coaches. Team training offers teams and their coaches the opportunity to train together and attack overall team strength and conditioning goals and needs. Team training sessions also give players and coaches the opportunity to work together, build team chemistry, and take ideas back to their respective team practices and games. A change of training scenery and an increased motivation level from training at the SportXcel facility will give your team a fresh outlook on weekly practices. Our staff will work with teams to implement proper warm-up and cool-down stretches and exercise routines that they can take with them to the field or court.

Can I use the weight room and cardio equipment on my own without participating in fitness training?

Hold On! Really?! Your professional coach may suggest to you a series of “homework” exercises that use weights and cardio equipment as a part of your overall training regimen. But truly, it doesn’t make sense to spend your effort, time, commitment and money to train without the advantage of professional coaching or the research-based SportXcel program. More advanced, elite athletes may work on a specific element of training, again under the supervision of a coach, but this is in the context of a comprehensive training program.

What amenities are available in the SportXcel facility?

Along with state-of-the-art strength and cardio equipment, a five-lane straightaway track and 40-yardd turf field, SportXcel provides men’s and women’s locker room facilities with showers and lockers, towels and locks. Multiple bottled hydration options, including water and Gatorade, are available for purchase at the front desk.

How are the School Fitness Programs different from the Youth Sports Programs offered at the SportXcel facility?

SportXcel provides fitness and conditioning programs in its own facility, but takes the science of fitness “on the road”, adapting to a range of environments. We have adapted our youth sports training program for schools who are looking for an affordable, effective and proven strategy of fitness for schoolchildren. The program is offered as a “Train the Trainer” model for schools with an existing PE teacher and program in place, where the goal is to raise the bar on results.

SportXcel also offers a “Full Replacement” PE program for schools, and provides a turnkey program with equipment, a curriculum that satisfies all state standards, and staffing by highly certified professionals…all at a cost that beats more traditional models by as much as 50%.

Ask your school administration or School Board representative about fitness and conditioning and the role it plays not only in student health, but in student academic performance as well. Traditional public schools and charter schools alike have implemented the SportXcel Program, either as the full fitness and conditioning program in the school, as as an enhancement to the existing program. Some schools partner with local businesses to support the introduction of SportXcel in their school through the SportXcel Youth Fitness Foundation; learn more at http://SportXcel.org

Youth Sports Leagues are also incorporating SportXcel into their training regimen to reduce the risk of injury among young athletes. The SportXcel research-based program provides the same strong foundation that professional sports teams rely on to keep players not only in top form, but free from injury. Ask your youth sports league about their injury prevention program and suggest SportXcel as a solution.

Is the Sports Rehabilitation program covered by insurance?

Yes, partly. Most insurance plans cover Physical Therapy ordered by a physician, and require that the therapy be part of an approved rehabilitation plan. Many insurance plans limit the coverage to achieve goals that may be less than what most athletes desire. For example, if you’re recovering from a torn ligament in your knee, your insurance plan may support you in your recovery up to the point that you are able to stand and walk, but not to the point that you are back on the court or the course. That’s where the SportXcel integrated rehabilitation program comes in. The program is developed to transition seamlessly from physical therapy to sports rehabilitation to maximize your gains and minimize your out of pocket expense.